Afraid of Mice were a Liverpool band who had a strong local following and a reputation for putting on great live shows. They released one LP and five singles for Charisma, and also a live flexidisc, but unfortunately never managed to have a hit record.

Following their breakup, lead singer Phil Jones released two solo singles on Charisma, and also recorded a solo LP that was never released. A limited number of what appear to be test pressings of the solo LP were sold in plain white sleeves with "Afraid of Mice Official Bootleg" handwritten in a thick black felt tip marker.

A correspondent who was present at the concert where the flexidisc was recorded had this to say about the band:

"I saw them live countless times, I have their album but never felt they reproduced the sound that well in the studio. By the way just remembered the live flexi single recorded 1982,  I am convinced you can hear me shout "come on Phil"  just before he starts singing. Just thought I would tell you that.It was after that concert I think everyone there thought they were going to make it big. They had a huge following around Liverpool, sadly it never happened."


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