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Audience was an acclaimed and influential British art-rock band of the late 60s and early 70s. After one LP for Polydor in 1969, they became one of the first acts signed to Charisma, and released three LPs in as many years. The band toured extensively in many parts of the world and achieved chart success in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Howard Werth: guitar, banjo, lead vocals
Keith Gemmell: saxophones, woodwinds
Trevor Williams: bass guitar, accordion, vocals
Tony Connor: drums, percussion, piano, vibes, marimba

Despite a strong following and four well-received albums, the band never achieved a major breakthrough, and disbanded toward the end of 1972. Howard Werth made one more LP for Charisma with a new band, Howard Werth & The Moonbeams, and drummer Tony Connor went on to great success with British pop/soul band Hot Chocolate.

After 32 years, Werth, Gemmell and Williams reformed Audience in 2004 along with drummer John Fisher.

In late 2008, the band announced that Fisher had passed away after a struggle with cancer. Read the band's announcement here:

Selected Discography


Polydor 583 065 (1969)


Charisma CAS 1012 (1970)


Charisma CAS 1032 (1971)


Charisma CAS 1054 (1972)

YOU CANíT BEAT ĎEM (compilation)

Charisma CS7 (1973)

NOSTALGE (German compilation)

Charisma 9299 735 (1974)

KING BRILLIANT - by Howard Werth & the Moonbeams

Charisma CAS 1104 (1975)

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