Charlie Drake, who died on December 24, 2006 at the age of 81, had a long and successful career as a stage and television performer in Britain. Born Charles Springall in London on June 19, 1925, the singer-turned-comedian also had a few hit records. The best-known is the 1961 novelty hit My Boomerang Wonít Come Back, which reached #14 in the UK and #21 in the US.

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In 1975, Drake recorded a very unusual single for Charisma, unusual in that it is a novelty record with connections to the world of progressive rock. Written by Peter Gabriel and Martin Hall (who also co-wrote the light-hearted Excuse Me from Gabrielís first solo album), the record has long been rumored to feature Genesis members and has been a source of great confusion for Genesis & Peter Gabriel collectors. Recently, in response to a post in the forum at, Phil Collins offered the following recollection of the sessions for this single.

CHARLIE DRAKE....the post about Charlie Drake and his recording session brought back many memories. It did indeed feature Robert Fripp, Percy Jones, Keith Tippett, me and Peter G. A friend of Pete's, Martin Hall wrote the song, or possibly co-wrote it with Peter, called You Never Know. Apparently Charlie Drake who was a huge comedy star of the 50's and 60's wanted to make a record. How he ended up with this line up I have no idea !!! It seems the most obscure set of people to make a comedy record. On the day Charlie, who was quite small, turned up with a brand new denim outfit for his rock was quite touching to see him at it.  Percy Jones and I were already in Brand X by then.  The whole session was one of life's interesting snapshots !!!!

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